StellarMobi is Your Global Partner for Mobile & Desktop Performance Advertising

Access global scale to connect with users around the world at the right moment with the right message.

Our Services


Brands in personal finance, insurance and related sectors drive performance-based customer acquisition through StellarMobi exclusive traffic distribution. Acquisition strategies are supported by strategic account management, onsite visits, customized reporting and brand protection through our enhanced compliance monitoring. Our hyper-targeted platform capabilities enable financial marketers to optimize value alignment and maximize ROI.


Whether you are looking for installs, desktop play or post-install engagement, our strategic account management team will help you leverage layered CPA and CPI campaigns for optimal results. Our technology allows us to closely integrate with the top attribution platforms in the industry in order to optimize campaigns in real-time.


No matter the size of the consumer niche for your brand or service, our experienced team and proprietary data solutions allow for pin-pointed targeting. Using strategic data tracking frameworks, post-purchase and post-install events can be tracked throughout the customer purchase funnel.

Health & Beauty

Acquire high-intent customers with greater propensity for brand loyalty and repurchase through our premium publisher placements. In this highly visual vertical, marketers are able to leverage multiple traffic channels for maximum reach and traffic consistency. Tenured distribution partners deliver industry-leading customer lifetime values.


While every brand is unique, our robust targeting capabilities allow marketers to identify and target key audiences. Data acquired via our tracking solutions for each customer lifecycle milestone allow you to measure performance against more traditional marketing methods based on KPIs such as customer lifetime value and conversion rate.


We specialize in large media buys with top-tier partners, utilizing exclusive sources with past same-vertical success, and both incent and non-incent traffic campaigns. D1, D7, In-App Purchases (IAP), ROAS, etc. You name it and we"ll optimize towards it!

Maximize your mobile impact. Premium user acquisition at scale

StellarMobi is a leading performance marketing company that connects high-paying advertisers with experienced publishers to get the right customers to convert


Top Verticals

  • Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • E-commerce
  • Utility and Productivity
  • Health and Beauty

Flexible Pricing Models

  • Cost per Install (CPI)
  • Cost per Registration (CPR)
  • Cost per Event (CPE)
  • Cost per Action (CPA)
  • Cost per Click (CPC)
  • Cost per Video View (CPV)

Partner to have access to

  • New Apps on daily basis
  • Monetization on Pay per Install basis
  • Real Time API integration
  • S2S with tracking links integration
  • Mobile Offer Wall integration
  • Dedicated support

Fraud Detection

  • Datacenter & Server Hosting
  • Duplicate IP & Device ID
  • Emulator & Bot Traffic
  • Fraud Database
  • IP & User Agent Pattern
  • VPN & Proxy
  • Realistic Session Time

Available Ad Formats

  • Rich Media Interstitial
  • Banners
  • Multi Offers Offerwall
  • Mobile Videos
  • Content Locking
  • Native ads
  • Desktop Ad Placement

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Exclusive & Direct Offers
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance
  • Fast Offer Approvals
  • Dedicated Account Team
  • Direct Publisher Network
  • Global Reach
  • Incent & Non-Incent Placements



Billion +

Per mnt Clicks Delivered


Million +

Monthy Sales Events


Thousand +

Campaigns Per Day


Thousand +

In-app events delivered

Your Agency Network Partner

As a Publisher with StellarMobi, you gain access to our inventory of global Cost-Per-Action (CPA) offers to monetize your traffic. We help you create campaigns you can easily track and manage to ensure you’re getting the best return. Our Performance marketing team builds direct advertiser relationships that yield industry-high payouts and exclusive offer opportunities